Action report from Ben Greene

With the Van full of fishing gear, and much optimism – all roads were leading to the Southport Tavern, the base of the Far South Game Fishing Competition for 2022.

The weather gods have been kind, which allowed organisers to approve a full grid for the first day of competitive fishing. The grid for fishing was as follows: Bottom of the Friars, off Bruny Island down to Whale Head South of Cockle Creek & out to Pedra Blanca. Twenty-eight vessels from all over Tasmania have registered for the event – which is a fantastic turnout, one more than last year.

Everyone packed the tavern on Friday night for the briefing regarding rules & regulations, with many fishing stories being debated. Seamaster was proud to provide sponsorship for the event and set up a “Pop-up Fishing Store “. Anglers & visitors could grab last-minute items and Seamaster merchandise.

Day 1 – Rise and shine

Alarm at 5.30 am – quick coffee & straight out through the heads to land a prize winner.

Team Seamaster headed out to Pedra Blanca, one of the most intimidating & intriguing fishing spots in Tasmanian waters, you must respect the ever-changing weather conditions & unpredictable wave patterns – 4 rods with 15kg & 24 Kg line are set in place & ready for action.

King Brown Halco’s & Pakula tuna skirts – the Redbait Billy were deployed with instant success – double hook up, the fishing got even better once the “Blue Fluro: Halco 190 was added to the lineup, keeping up with everyone’s favorite the King Brown.

The result was two small Southern Blue Fin 18kg & 15 Kg – unfortunately, caught on the heavy 24 kg mono line, which means we could not weigh the fish as the line class was heavier than the Fish caught.

Around half the fleet were busy trawling in and around the “Rock “hoping for a large hookup. The rest of the smaller boats were busy in close, trying to catch a prize winner on light tackle of 6 or 8 kg.

The Southport tavern pumped with stories of the ones that got away all evening. The 117 kg monster weighed in as the competition leader so far, was the envy of everyone. To land a beast that size, everything must go right on the day.

Our vessel finished the day with ten tagged & release fish, but unfortunately none could be weighed in the Carpark. That did not matter, we had an excellent time & really enjoyed the challenge.

Day 2 – 5:30 am start, more coffee please

The next day started with a bang, three double hook ups on skirts resulted in some early tagged & released schoolies (small Southern Blue Fin Tuna under 30 kg).

This time the location was towards the friars off the bottom end of Bruny Island & we were not the only ones with many of the fleet heading there to catch, some headed back to Pedra Blanca to tussle with the big dog barrels (Large SBT over 100Kg).

With the fishing competition officially closing at 1.30, all competitors hurry back to see if they they had caught the prize-winning Tuna.

Team Seamaster ended with nine tagged & released fish – but still none for the weigh station, bummer!

For the weekend we ended up catching thirty-one fish, with the Browns Dogs taking more than there share of the catch.

At 4.00pm the presentations were underway, its amazing how much effort goes into these event, from the prizes donated  to the people collect tag cards & monitoring  safety  on the  radio call , its extremely well run and I would highly recommend going down to either enter the comp or just sit back and watch the fish roll in to be weighed at he Tavern carpark.

Congratulations to all the winners, I was slightly jealous, as there were some quality gears to win.

A big thank you goes out to Gerrard, Mark and Katie and the many other organisers from The Far South Game Fishing Club who make the tournament so enjoyable to participate in.

Seamaster Fishing Supplies will be next year to do it all again, I suggest you get involved and head down next May to enter, Thanks to all who attended, it was a great weekend of fishing & networking.