It’s been all things oysters in the last couple of months kicking off with World Oyster Day on August 5th, the 2022 Shellfish Futures conference in St Helens in Tasmania on the 1st -2nd of September, and finally the SAOGA Oyster conference and trade show coming up on the 13th of 14th of October in South Australia. The team at Seamaster has been busy ensuring we have plenty of quality gear in stock to ensure we can support all our farmers.


Our comprehensive range of oyster farming products include:


  • Australian-made conical oyster floats, mussel floats, lease markers, navigation markers, and mooring buoys.
  • Mooring Equipment – Stingray anchors ranging in a variety of sizes.
  • Rope for different applications including UV-treated polypropylene rope, vexcyl braided lines, and dripper tubes.
  • Soft mesh oyster bags and oyster mesh 6 – 20mm.
  • Bulk pricing is available on stainless steel shark clips.
  • Wet weather gear, neoprene and PVC waders, wader covers, boots, gloves, and all the PPE gear you need.
  • Australian-made stackable insulated bins.
  • A large range of knives to get the job done.


Seamaster is proud to partner with and distribute Hexcyl Systems across Tasmania and South Australia and provide Oyster farm growers with aquaculture equipment designed to suit some of the roughest, toughest environments in the world. Hexcyl is compatible with the FlipFarm oyster farming system delivering efficiency and equipment resilience to oyster farming.

For a comprehensive guide on all our offerings download our catalogue here or talk to our team today.