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How long you have been fishing (a little back story on what got you into fishing)?

I started fishing when I was around four years old, on a little river in the Derwent valley called Tyenna River. It was within walking distance from home at Karanja. I mostly fished for trout nearly every day after school hours and on most weekends. Later when  I passed my driving license, I ventured to the saltwater side targeting the sand flatties and whiting at Lewisham. From there I have targeted just about every species we can eat here in Tas from flathead to blue-eye.

What is your favourite fish to catch why?

I love chasing trout in the Highland lakes and the mighty Derwent River. Usually during the cold months from August to September and a few weeks at the end of April

For the saltwater side, I love the challenge on finding striped trumpeter in the shallow water of around 30 to 50m. The shear fight from these fish from start to finish and especially on light gear gets the adrenalin running. But I can’t leave out the good old table fish Squid And Flathead, Catching a feed for the family and getting together with friends is just as enjoyable.

Do you have a nickname?

I’ve always been called Mayney for name sake but when I started to play cricket in my early 20s team mates called me Bully.

What fishing gear do you prefer to use?

I really like Lox Ambassador rods and Shimano Vanford reels for trout fishing, running 3lb to 12lb braid depending on the area I’m fishing.

For the saltwater Striped Trumpeter, I prefer to use my Shimano Stella 5000 and Sustain 6000 reels accompanied by a pe 2-4 style jigging rod. When I’m over the 80m I use my Shimano Force Master and Shimano Tag-em Sword bent but rod.

When fishing for flat head I like to use 4inch nuclear chicken grubs and Hayabusa snapper rigs and for the squid the Hayabusa parrot squid jig 3.5 and Yamashita Cloth Red Head 3.5.