Store: Port Lincoln

How long you have been fishing (a little back story on what got you into fishing)?

I got into fishing when I was 21 years old (about 17 years ago). I used to tile bathrooms when I lived in Adelaide, and I was working on a customer’s house at the time and was invited to go fishing. He took my father and I out in his boat chasing snapper in the Gulf St Vincent, and I got an 88cm snapper on that first trip! I then did a tuna trip to Port Lincoln shortly after that on the same boat and we caught some tuna too. I was hooked after that.

Your favorite fish to catch why?

Without a doubt, it has to be big yellowtail kingfish. I love chasing them because they fight hard, and they are accessible inshore fish at certain times of the year. I had some mates who started chasing big kingfish on the Eyre Peninsula in shallow water, and after seeing some of the fish they were catching I decided to start targeting them myself. My passion is chasing bigger species of fish.



Favorite gear?

Daiwa Saltiga 14,000 (favourite for sentimental reasons) matched to a Wilson Venom PE8. My most memorable fish on that outfit is a 151cm kingfish I caught out of my own boat last year.