The last quarter has seen some pretty strong south easterly winds here in South Australia which has kept the water temps lower than normal. During February we finally saw these water temps on the increase, which helped to kick some species into gear.

Bluefin on the bite

Bluefin tuna have finally settled on our bluewater grounds, and are now being caught consistently over our reefs wide of Coffin Bay, Port Lincoln, Cape Jervis through to Victor Harbor. Most of these fish are just school size bluefin in the 8 to 15kg size, but are offering plenty of fun for our local trailer boat fishers. The Halco Laser Pro 120 and 160 have been consistent lures this season, along with the Zerek Speed Donkey in 140mm. These school bluefin should continue to hold in our waters throughout March, and traditionally start thinning out into April.

Reef fish

Dropping baits and jigs around these same bluewater reefs has been offering some tasty reef fish such as red snapper, queen snapper, swallowtail along with some nice samson fish and school sharks. South Australia’s pink snapper fishery is still closed in Gulf St Vincent, Spencer Gulf and West Coast waters, but is open in the South East zone (with agreed management conditions). This means all snapper incidentally caught outside of the South East zone must be returned immediately.

Left: Tasty red snapper have been avaliable from our deeper reefs when the weather allows access

Right: A nice school shark from a bluewater reef off the Eyre Peninsula

Inshore fishing

Our inshore fishing has been consistent lately, with some good squid caught in our local bays around Port Lincoln. The DTD Real Fish in Sugarello Green and Bijelo Oita have been consistent squid jigs during daylight hours, with the full colour Black a great jig during low light conditions. Snook have improved in numbers in our local bays and have been hitting DTD 70mm Vivid Floating hard body lures in colour white.

Man holding a squid

Squid fishing has been consistent with the DTD Real Fish in Sugarello Green, being an effective jig of late.

Kind George whiting

King George whiting have been patchy over the summer grounds, with nuisance rubbish fish making it hard to secure a feed of KGs through our eel grass meadows. Some deeper areas have been fishing okay for summertime whiting, with some big fish caught around hard bottom in known areas. Our King George should only improve over the following months.

Blue crabs

Our blue crabs are in full swing at the moment around Port Lincoln and in most of our west coast bays, and should continue to crawl well through until around the end of April. Dropping baited hoop nets in 3 to 6m of water is catching plenty of tasty blue swimmers, and is a popular pastime here in South Australia.



The crabbing has been good in Port Lincoln recently, with baited drop nets easily catching a feed


Words and images by: Jamie Crawford

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