Swordfish season 2022

The Seamaster team loves putting their expert knowledge into practice. It was a strong and early season opener with Devonport’s Harry Murfet and crew landing a hefty 241kg (gutted) Sword after a couple of hours of tug-o-war during the St.Helens Classic at the beginning of March.

Shortly after Naomi Wisby from south of the state caught a 67kg model using an unconventional method. After an unusual but short 30min fight they had the fish boat side and realised it was braid wrapped. They quickly got the fish on board and pulled the remaining 30+m of line and hook in. A lucky catch with only 3-4 strands of braid holding the dream together.

Naomi’s second catch, estimated at 140kg, came only a few days later after a 1hr:10min battle when 25m shy of the boat, a hungry Mako estimated at 250+kg appeared, taking the entire tail. A devastating end for the husband-and-wife duo that had the fish marked for tag and release. They did however manage to tag a fish that day – as the Mako circled the boat in search of its meal they were able to change applicators and tag the free-swimming shark.

With some less eventful trips in-between, Naomi was ecstatic to hook her third for the season, which saw a very healthy and very green 230-240kg (est) Swordfish tagged and released after 1hr:40min. Things got pretty wild boat side!

It is extremely important to never take your eyes off that lethal bill.

“It was such a good feeling to finally tick the box that we set out to do at the beginning of the season and see her swim off strong. There were high fives, hugs and grins from ear to ear, and thankfully no injuries”.

Top tips for catching swordfish

  • Seamaster 18/0 Circle Hooks; circle hooks will ensure you experience the best and fairest battle as well as a significantly increase the fish’s chance of survival if planning to tag and release one of these amazing creatures.
  • Seamaster Lumo skirt; apart from the visual attractant using skirts will help protect and preserve your bait as well as keep it streamline in the water.

Contact your nearest Seamaster store to purchase swordfish rigs, lumo skirt or circle hooks or tips for your sword fishing adventure adventure.